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Total Dadagiri Bangla Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Total Dadagiri Movie Review: Total Dadagiri answers the on top of queries however raises plenty a lot of even once the film has finally all over. Why finally? as a result of it hints at ending the lackluster climax some smart forty-five minutes before it really will.

Movie Name: Total Dadagiri (Bengali Movie)
Release Date: 19th Jan, 2018
Director: Pathikrit Basu
Cast & Crew: Yash Dasgupta, Mimi Chakraborty, Rajatabha Dutta

It’s purported to be a romantic comedy, however, why is there no romance except a couple of college-stalking scenes and a few out-of-place songs?

Total Dadagiri Full HD Movie Download

Now, for the lead. Yes, concerning the lead actors likewise because of the cause the expertise of sitting through 2 hours and ten minutes of the film. Contrary to the title, Yash doesn’t get a hero’s entry. He tries and tries exhausting to line a comic book temporal order to his expressions.

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The dialogues, principally crude jokes, somewhat involve his aid. Then there square measure scenes later within the film, wherever he seems a lot of amusing than it’s meant to be. He ‘disturbs’ Jonaki for the primary half the film, telling her that he has fallen for her once being accidentally mistreated by her.

Total Dadagiri Full HD Download

You stop to think; shouldn’t Jonaki slap him some a lot of currents that he’s casual around? however no, she runs far away from categories to avoid him, explains she’ll hook up with to the person her father chooses and finishes up falling softly on with him.

These scenes lack romance as a half-scared, half-amused Mimi offers into Yash’s dadagiri. And it ‘disturbs’ you to assume what the spinnable minds observation the film would obtain from this.

Download Total Dadagiri Full Movie

The director has to several such scenes that square measure a critic’s delight. There’s this epic scene wherever Yash takes on the baddies World Health Organization tease Mimi.

He offers them a choice! act repentant and leave with a bottle of brewage every instead be ready for pop painkillers. brewage bottles, if allowed within the theatre, wouldn’t create the expertise any higher. It’s painkillers all the manner.

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