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The Window Bollywood Full flick transfer in HD Quality. The Window flick Reviews: A hopeful revolutionary at intervals the sphere of book writing, Lekh Kapoor (Amit Kumar Vashisth) is let-down by the boisterous ways in which of showbiz trade associate degreed resolves to introduce AN unconventional technique of storytelling that doesn’t amendment to the protocols of but a script is supposed to be written.

Director: VK Choudhary
Writers: Paul Mayeda Berges, Paul Mayeda Berges
Stars: Hugh Bonneville, Gillian Anderson, Manish Dayal

But his partner in crime Irfan, World Health Organization goes to painful lengths to go looking out work for his ‘genius’ friend, convinces him to want up employment at intervals the world of economic cinema for making ends meet.

Worn out, shattered from the injuries of AN unpleasant wedding with Ayesha (Preeti Sharma) and intensely psychoneurotic, Lekh begins writing his script, alone to search out Maya (Teena Singh) World Health Organization goes on to become the factor of his obsession.The Window Bollywood Full HD flick transfer.

Director VK Choudhary’s version of struggle in academic degree unstable profession appearance fantastic in components. The film’s frequent deviation from the plot, alone adds salt to the disabled script.

Amit Kumar Vashisth as a result of the shabbily dressed, distant and angry Lekh is that the highlight of the film. Despite the script going haywire once the first 30 minutes, he stays trustworthy his character of utter lunacy and situational depression. The Window Bollywood Full flick transfer.

The computer graphics and its succeeding redaction have broken ‘The Window’ ‘beyond repair. Young director VK Choudhary sets bent tell the story of a revolutionary, but tries to suit in too many exemplars on the style. Acting works, the story doesn’t.


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