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Sunyo Je Kol Bengali Full Movie Download in Fully HD Quality. Sunyo Je Kol Movie Review: Sumi, a 25-year-old lady maintains her family by giving non-public tuition. Suddenly they need a large financial demand as a result of surgery of her single sister’s six-year-old female offspring.

Movie Name: Sunyo Je Kol (Bengali Movie)
Release Date: 29th Jan, 2016
Director: Bhaswati Roy

Desperate in thoughts, she finds an ad in the newspaper for mother for AN affluent professional person.

Due to low info on the topic of surrogate maternity, Sumi nor the professional person area unit at the start aware that a mother should be married and have a minimum of one kid. Still, Sumi becomes a mother.

Sunyo Je Kol Full HD Download

She gets the secure Rs five lakhs, however, pay a significant value.

Sunyo Je Kol Full Movie Trailer

Her young man severs ties, society rejects her and her tuitions area unit discontinued. Once the baby is born and he or she must hand him over to the professional person and his mate, she feels the heart-rending pain of separation.

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