Shob Bhooturey Full Movie HD Quality Download

Shob Bhooturey Bangla Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Shob Bhooturey Movie Review: The factor concerning horror films is that they’ll either scare the living daylights out of you or prove to be damp squibs. Shob Bhooturey is neither; as a result of it’s not a horror film the least bit. It’s primarily a ‘ghost’ film — they appear to be everyplace and virtually everybody will see them — and inside, an associate degree loveable tale of a number of innocent school kids and their paper planes.

Director: Birsa Dasgupta
Writer: Kallol Lahiri
Stars: Ambarish Banerjee, Gambhira Bhattachrya, Biswajit Chakraborty

Now that the elephant’s out of the area, let’s peruse to a small degree. First, the characters; and by natural action, Nandini — the creepiest of all of them. Sohini has done an extremely sensible job of giving USA the creeps along with her straight-faced unblinking stares and glares and people unruly locks. however her co-stars, Abir and Supriyo simply don’t feel that convincing.

Shob Bhooturey Full Movie HD Download

Aniket, especially, could be a terribly poorly written character, United Nations agency doesn’t appear to own a clue what he very desires — dump his ancestral property, close his father’s magazine or become a ghost-hunter himself. And what has the property have to be compelled to do with the magazine? Can’t it simply be shifted to a brand new workplace if not closed? He’s forever in search of the need, however once he finally finds it, he doesn’t do abundant.

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Moreover, the method he finds it ought to have altered his perspective towards Nandini, however nothing changes. Abir, as associate degree actor, appears pretty casual in his approach to the character, that could be a bit out of character for associate degree actor like him.

Kripadhar man appears to be associate degree addition while not abundant of a reason, although Supriyo tries his best to feature some light-weight moments. however once the character is incomplete , there’s nothing associate degree actor will very raise it.

Shob Bhooturey Full HD Movie Download

That’s precisely the case with this character. It’s neither comic nor will it add abundant to the plot, despite being associate degree intrinsic a part of it. On his half, Supriyo Dutta appears to own tried his best to play his half well.

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