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Rekka Tamil Full Movie HD Download In 2017 Given the nice run that Vijay Sethupathi has had this year, it’s solely natural that the law of averages catches up with him. And it will with Rekka, a [*fr1] thought-out action film that appears to own been created rather hurriedly. The film has been engineered up because the actor’s entry into mass hero territory, despite the fact that SU Arunkumar’s Sethupathi got there initial, and stylish.

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Lakshmi Menon, Sija Rose.
Direction: Rathina Shiva

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Vijay Sethupathi plays Siva, a brave young man UN agency helps love jodis get along once they face opposition from their families. that’s however he crosses the trail of David (Harish Uthaman), a malefactor in Kumbakonam, whose bride he saves from wedding. And David decides to own his revenge on the eve of Siva’s sister’s wedding, by forcing the latter to snatch Bharathi (Lakshmi Menon), the female offspring of a strong minister in Madurai, and also the fiancée of his Coimbatore-based rival Chezhiyan (Kabir Singh).

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Rekka HD Full Movie Download In New During its half associate hour approximately, till Hindu deity agrees to nobble Bharathi to avoid wasting his sister’s wedding, Rekka guarantees to be associate edge-of-the-seat action somebody with moves and countermoves, however by the time it ends, we tend to solely see a disorderliness mess. And Rathinasiva’s set-up — 2 rival gangsters, one unfearing hero, a past that haunts him — is kind of promising, at the side of the prospect of seeing Vijay Sethupathi as associate action hero.

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But once Hindu deity steps foot in Madurai, things begin obtaining increasingly dangerous and actions that we tend to square measure meant to be thought of as heroic bump into solely as immature. we tend to see Hindu deity thinking out moves before creating his arrange to nobble the lady, however the approach his arrange is dead on screen feels far-fetched and laughable. The villains, too, square measure thus ineffective. there’s a nod to Ghilli, that additionally had a scene involving one man rescuing a woman from a crowd of henchmen, and it solely makes the distinction additional felt.
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