Projapoti Biskut Full Movie HD Quality Download

Projapoti Biskut Full Movie Free Download in Fully HD Quality. Projapoti Biskut is a latest Bangla movie release on 2017. Now, You can download Projapoti Biskut full movie in High quality on 720p from BDMusic. Marriage is an establishment that has continuously stood on shaky ground. whether or not the participants will face up to the tremors is what decides its fate.

Director: Anindya Chatterjee
Star: Aditya Sengupta

And in today’s world, once patience runs low and stress and irritability, high, even the slightest tremor will cause a rift. In such a situation, Projapoti Biskut may be an easy, loveable tale of a young family unit United Nations agency haven’t very fallen softly on nevertheless.

Projapoti Biskut Full Movie HD Download

There’s hesitation, harmless secrets and even delicate discomfort between them, tho’ theirs may be a wedding of quite 2 years.

Whereas Shaon (Ishaa) manages to precise her inner dissatisfaction and suppression quite praiseworthily within the initial scenes, Antor (Aditya), too, is basically sensible as associate degree unsure, timid, introvert young man, who’s still not all in synchronize together with his wedding or his mate.

Projapoti Biskut Full Movie Trailer

But keep the story very easy, Anindya has perhaps incomprehensible one basic ingredient — making a tale that actually connects with today’s youth.

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Projapoti Biskut Full HD Movie Download

The young characters square measure to a small degree too subdued — virtually meek and submissive — whereas the older heap (Aparjita, Shantilal, Sonali, Rajatava, and Rajat) square measure aggressive and outspoken. however that doesn’t take a lot of far from the sweetness of the story itself, tho’ it may mean a weaker draw for young audiences.

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