Ninnu Kori full movie download 2017

Ninnu Kori on HD movie download in 2017 is basically a story however set against associate degree uncommon scenery. Circumstances tear a much-in-love couple apart and that they got to get wont to the fact — till fate intervenes to point out them life’s packed with surprises.

Cast: Niveda Thomas, Nani, Aadhi Pinisetty.
Direction: Shiva Nirvana.

Ninnu Kori Telugu Full Movie HD Download
Moving on once sorrow are often troublesome, a lot of thus after you become a captive of your past, holding on to a collection of beliefs. however what if life provides you another probability to appear at things from a contemporary perspective? ‘Ninnu Kori’ could be a mature story which will leave you as emotional and powerless as wise.

Ninnu Kori Telugu Movie HD Trailer

Uma Maheswararao aka Uma (Nani) is like all alternative formidable guy, following a pH scale.D. He meets Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas) and love blossoms. Everything appears rosy till Uma baggage a chance to pursue his thesis in urban center and leaves Pallavi behind. sorrowful, Pallavi decides to maneuver on in life with an acceptable groom, Arun (Aadhi), and that they move to city. One fine day, Pallavi discovers Uma has sunken in depression post break-up, despite landing a plum job in l. a. , and reaches intent on him.
The proceedings develop as Uma moves in with Pallavi and Arun. this is often wherever you get to relish some typical comedy that Nani is substitutable with.The first 0.5 includes a bunch of cute scenes, depiction Uma and Pallavi’s romance, and so the story moves ahead to determine the explanations behind their break-up, why Uma selected career over love, and Pallavi leaving behind of opportunities to reconcile with him.
Ninnu Kori Telugu Full Movie HD Download

Ninnu Kori Telugu Full Movie Download Link

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