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Mrugashira 2014 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD In Free Download Prajwal, a irresponsible college-goer, accidentally lands into a tabu land, in conjunction with 2 surprising partners, a drinker Associate in Nursingd an underwriter. The story then turns into a quasi-fantasy tale, mix action, romance, comedy and every one alternative potential genres.

Cast: Prajwal Devaraj, Himavarsha, Manasa.
Direction: Srivatsa

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This film might are Prajwal Devaraj’s own Magadheera, Bhajarangi or Gajakessari. The story, on paper, sounds like a winner, with the proper mixture of fantasy, action and romance, superimposed to that could be a generous dose of punch dialogues. Alas, the story did not be converted into nice script and also the direction, hence, falls short.

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The story begins with a premise of a mystical land, that is currently cursed thanks to a lost temple. Then, there is the cursed tribe, United Nations agency ar paranoid to let anyone enter their world. Our hero stumbles into this land, with 2 unlikely companions. He finds love, enemies, friends and journey during this land.
Of course, this comes with several WTF moments, wherever you are speculative however 3 individuals, who’ve purportedly met with associate degree accident and been taken prisoner have enough garments to last through the story. Similarly, why did not the drunkard’s glass bottles (taped to his jacket inside) break, after they make up a vale and have injuries. And these ar some surface-level queries.
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