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The film looks to stretch to a small degree once the plot is arranged out initiall. ​But the motion-picture photography is nice and therefore the director will his best to carry this emotional tale along until the top.

Cast: Rituparna Sengupta, Rohit Roy, Hrishita Bhatt.
Direction: Agnidev Chatterjee

Mrs. Sen Bengali Full Movie HD Download
Mrs fractional monetary unit deals with 2 ladies, whose identities square measure formed by their husband’s cognomen. they’re forced to grapple with the actual fact that their husband lived a twin life that neither of them had information of. UN agency is that the actual Mrs Sen? will Somnath’s (Rohit) second wedding to Sohini (Hrishitaa) nullify his earlier one with Anuradha (Rituparna)? Or will Anuradha’s presence invalidate Sohini’s position? Is it the least bit potential for these 2 mourning ladies to share a bond?

Mrs. Sen Bengali Movie HD Trailer

These ar queries that Agnidev Chatterjee tries to answer within the film. and that we feel he has succeeded, to associate degree extent. The plot line isn’t linear and perpetually swings between this and also the past. the utilization of dialogue is thin, lease the 2 actresses — Rituparna and Hrishitaa — represent wordlessly, and bright. There ar many close-ups of Anuradha and Sohini’s faces, serving as windows into their turbulent minds. Rohit Roy will a decent job however has considerably less screen time than his leading women. After all, it’s not his story. it’s the story of the missuses.
On the flip facet, the film appears to stretch a bit when the plot is arranged out at the start. there’s additionally lots of rona-dhona, that gets a little too drenched when some extent. however the filming is nice and also the director will his best to carry this emotional tale along until the tip. Even the sexual practice scenes — historically the liability of Bengali films — ar well dead.
Mrs. Sen Full Movie HD Download

Mrs. Sen Full Movie Download Link

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