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A Undo-Aryan priest decides to require matters in n his hand once the locals of holy city Bananas stars to lure foreign tourists with pretend non secular gurus.

Based on Dr. Hindu destination Singh’s Hindi novel ‘Kashi Ka Assi’, a spiritual wit supported the commercialisation of the journeying town, and pretend gurus United Nations agency lure the guests and tourists.

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Assi steps could be a burning steps on the watercourse banks of Ganges River flowing into the center of Banaras, India. The film relies in a very far-famed, historical vicinity by the steps, on the southern finish of Banaras (Varanasi). Written by Vesuvius

 Mohalla Assi Full Movie Download

Though the play script weren’t that sensible, pic did appear to be of an occasional budget. however The content & dialogues were too sensible. This pic showed the quality, problems our culture faces in Globalised Asian country.
 Mohalla Assi Full Movie Download


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