Khoj Full Movie Download in Fully HD Quality

Khoj Full Movie Free Download in HD Quality. Khoj is a latest Bangla movie release on 2017. Now, You can download Khoj full movie in High quality on 720p from BDMusic. The Vikram Chatterjee and Shataf Figar stellar heroic tale Khoj has won nine international awards to this point and going by trailer, we are able to say certainly, that it is not for nothing.

Director: Arka Ganguly
Writers: Arka Ganguly (story), Arka Ganguly
Stars: Vikram Chatterjee, Shataf Figar, Poonam Gurung

Khoj Full Movie HD Download

The trailer throws lightweight (albeit almost thus you’ll see what they need to show) engrossing tale of a doctor’s mate who’s missing. Vikram, who’s acting is improving with every film he lays his hands on, plays Sayan Satyendra N. Bose a police inspector whereas Shataf plays his neighbor, a doctor.

Khoj Full Movie Trailer

Vikram shines within the trailer. He plays a cop (minus an excessive amount of put-on cop-like mannerisms) to the T. He will plenty of acting through just his eyes. Shataf because the doctor, a first-rate suspect within the missing case of his mate, is convincing.

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Khoj Full HD Movie Download

Picturesque locales, crisp piece of writing and details of the whodunit that the trailer touches upon, a square measure creating the U.S.A. impatient for the movie! Here’s associate degree intriguing edge-of-the-seat heroic tale that we tend to cannot sit up for.

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