Khiladi Bengali (2013) Full Movie HD Quality Download

Khiladi Full Movie Free HD Quality Download on 1080p. Khiladi Bengali Movie Review: Aditya Choudhury may be a faction leader in Kurnool WHO raised his sister Saraswati amorously and tenderness to form her forget the loss of their mother. throughout the wedding time, she eloped with Mohsin Khan, whom she idolized that semiconductor diode the death Aditya Choudhury’s father.

Director: Ashok Pati
Writer: Pele
Stars: Parthasarathi Chakraborty, Arindam Dutta, Rajatabha Dutta

So maddened Aditya cuts the leg of Mohsin that created a rift between the 2 families. On a case to win the property happiness to Saraswati, Mohsin wins the case on Aditya Choudhury when a protracted gap of twenty-five years. Seeing the sorrow of Saraswati, her son Sulaiman vows to unite the 2 families and waits for a state of affairs.

Khiladi Full Movie HD Download

Meanwhile, on a suggestion by Pulok Purohit, Aditya Choudhury appoints his manager Dayashankar Bal to search out an excellent scholar to perform a “Shanti Yogga”. He contacts a scholar however as he was unobtainable, he goes to the faculty wherever the scholar’s son.

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The boy named avatar, during a match of rage, shows Sulaiman to Dayashankar and tells him that he’s avatar Bhattacharya, however, prefers to be known, as-as Sulaiman. tho’ ab initio he refuses to just accept, Sulaiman accepts that he’s avatar Bhattacharya as this is able to be a Golden likelihood to unite the 2 families. He, alongside his friend archangel and a bunch of Bramhins, goes to the palace of Aditya Choudhury.

Khiladi Full HD Movie Download

There he manages to act well, solely to be detected by Puja, the adopted female offspring of Aditya Choudhury. tho’ she tries to form his true colors screened, he escapes by his wit and temporal order.

In the associate sudden state of affairs, Dayashankar visits avatar’s home to pay his father however shockingly he finds out the reality that Sulaiman is acting as Krishna Bhattacharya. Having a worry of obtaining deadly by Aditya Choudhury, he discloses the facts and desires the “yogga” to be completed as before long as potential.

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Khiladi Full HD Download

Sulaiman, tho’ curious about Puja, finds his mother’s want abundant vital and starts taking part in numerous plans for intimate feelings on Saraswati in Aditya’s heart however all go vain. Meanwhile, Aditya’s opponent Natawar Mondal attacks Puja however Sulaiman saves her. Puja falls for him and Aditya Choudhury feels that the attack was done by Mohsin Ali.

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