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Khawto Full Movie HD Quality Download in mp4. Khawto Movie Story & Reviews: As I discussed at the point in time, it’s an awfully unreal look at the workings of artistic minds, with the color red finding frequent use within the frame shape. and also the premise, too, is even, as it’s a wide accepted proven fact that extremely artistic individuals typically have a rather eccentric approach to life, love, and sex.

Director: Kamaleswar Mukherjee
Writer: Kamaleswar Mukherjee
Stars: Rahul Banerjee, Ranodeep Bose, Usashi Chakraborty

So, once a celebrated fiction author is portrayed as being a sexy, amorous individual, it dead fits the groove. however whereas each frame of the film is delight to look at, with the reds and also the alphabets jumping out at you at each flip, it’s the timeline that looks somewhat askew.

Khawto Full Movie HD Download

Most of the automotive makes shown within the flashback weren’t even factory-made twenty years agone, although the black-and-yellow taxi was spot on. The pen, written manuscripts and autograph books square measure, however, in correct with the timeline.

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Even the style timeline appeared somewhat off. Most of the flashback actors wore terribly ‘now’ garments. coming back to performances, each actor was a treat to look at — in character to the tiniest gesture. Prosenjit, especially, has a place up a really howling performance. he’s Dhruba aka Nirbed Lahiri throughout — be it within the author within the late 30s or late 50s.

And yes, he ought to maintain his clean, waxed look. It’s a welcome break from the Bhishma Pitamahesque hair. It another category of his suave and alluring onscreen persona.

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Khawto Full HD Movie Download

As for Paoli (Antara) and Raima (Srijita), each square measure sensible as Airbed’s illicit and legal (wedded) lovers and particularly shine within the scenes of emotional turmoil arising out of Nirbed and Lokesh’s (Rahul, Antara’s on-screen husband) actions. Tridha and Rishav have sizzling chemistry and have worked very well as some. Moreover, each looked terribly comfy and natural acting out roles their age.

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