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Kaashmora Full Movie High Quality Download The plot revolves around Kaashmora (Karthi), a pretend non-Christian priest, WHO along side his family, has managed to show supernaturalism into a active business. A corrupt politician (Sharath Lohitashwa), WHO thinks that he’s the $64000 deal, chooses to cover his illegal wealth in their home fearing Associate in Nursing IT raid. The family flees with the loot.

Cast: Karthi, Nayanthara, Sri Divya.
Direction: Gokul

Kaashmora New HD Full Movie Download
But they realize themselves at bay within a ramshackle palace, underneath the management of the ghost of rule Nayak (Karthi), a malevolent commander, WHO has been waiting to settle a centuries-old score with Rathnamahadevi (Nayanthara), his blue blood, whose curse is chargeable for his gift fate.

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The actor holds the film together, even in its weaker moments. The scenes which reveal the modus operandi of Kaashmora and his family (the film is a return-to-form for Vivekh. As we saw in Idharkudhaane Aasaipattai Balakumara, Gokul has a flair for comedy, and just as he had Vijay Sethupathi in that film, here, he has Karthi, a leading man who can effortlessly make the audience laugh.

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who plays his father), and the elaborate set-up they have in their home to make the gullible fall for their tricks leave you in splits, and the laughs only increase when the family gets trapped in Raj Nayak’s palace when they run into a land broker (who, disappointingly manages to vanish in the final scenes).The flashback portion in the second half is new ground for Gokul, and the director impresses here by giving us grandeur that doesn’t feel tacky, with help from cinematographer Om Prakash, art director Rajeevan and the VFX team.
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