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Jindua Full Movie in HD Quality is a New Download file In Calgary, a young Indian man makes an attempt to realize citizenship by marrying a {girl} eager to be a vocalist whereas harboring feelings for the girl adjoining.

Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Sargun Mehta Dubey, Neeru Bajwa.
Direction: Navaniat Singh

Jindua Punjabi Full Movie HD Download
Karma (Jimmy) migrates to Canada from geographical area and needs to become a subject and earn bucks. throughout his journey to become a legal subject of Canada, he meets Saghi (Sargun Mehta), WHO is there on a student visa. They fall crazy however fate has alternative plans. so as to become a subject, fate agrees to marry Eesh (Neeru). Gradually, Eesh conjointly falls crazy with fate. can fate settle for Eesh’s feelings so as to determine a career in Canada or will he come back back to the woman he loves, forms the remainder of the story.

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Unlike Shareek, that was a family drama, Jindua may be a up to date film. It will tell the story of Indians residing in urban center, Canada, however the roots area unit terribly Indian. The surroundings could also be western, however author Dheeraj Rattan and director Navaniat Singh have packaged the film with Indian sentiments and raw Punjabi vernacular. it is very abundant a desi film during a videshi setting.
The emotional quotient of the pic is its mainstay. The script focuses on romance and lightweight moments from the start to the pre-climax, however the last half-an-hour takes a reversal because the seriousness sets in. the primary 1/2 the enterprise builds up the link between Saghi and destiny. however the author and director have smartly injected drama within the goings-on during a refined fashion (Dabbu/Duffy track; Neeru Bajwa and her band track), that create the proceedings even a lot of attention-grabbing.
Jindua Full Movie HD Download

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