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Jawker Dhan Indian Bagnla Full Movie HD Quality Free Download. Jawker Dhan Movie Review: For us, World Health Organization grew up in ’90s, Jawker Dhan evokes a series of reminiscences. In our childhood, we have a tendency to crushed on Hemera Kumar Roy’s daredevil detective duos — Bimal and Kumar.

Director: Sayantan Ghosal
Writers: Sougata Basu, Anamitra Roy
Stars: Arindol Bagchi, Rahul Banerjee, Sabyasachi Chakraborty

Later, we have a tendency to lapped au courant the Doordarshan tele-series Abar Jokher Dhan in ’90s. In fact, Roy created cryptography a saucy profession means before Henry M. Robert Langdon created it fashionable. although the charm of Roy’s fantastic adventures fizzled get into its own due course.

Jawker Dhan Full HD Movie Download

The reminiscing longing took Pine Tree State to the theatre to look at Jawker Dhan — Bimal-Kumar’s initial journey from Roy’s kitty. And boy, what associate introduction it has! at intervals ten minutes of the film, it became clear that it’s no hideous special-effect business. With its stylish script, humorous dialogues, intelligent heroes and a fashionable protagonist, you realize Jawker Dhan is here to remain.

Jawker Dhan Full Movie Trailer

Hiranmoy Bose (Kaushik Sen) aka Hirooda, a cryptanalyst and assistant conservator of Indian depository, is commissioned to decipher a script by one Karali Mukhopadhyay (Sabyasachi Chakraborty). Meanwhile, Kumar (Rahul) finds associate recent os with ancient scripture inscribed thereon from his family heirloom.

He runs to his friend and Hiranmay’s relation Bimal aka Jhantu (Parambrata Chatterjee), associate measurement academician in Presidency University, to decipher the os code.

; Jawker Dhan Full Movie HD Download

Hiranmay gets kidnapped and Bimal and Kumar get hooked to the cryptic traveler on the os and therefore the couple embarks on a journey to rescue Hiruda and hidden ancient treasure. to feature slightly a lot of chaos, another character, Sombhu Gompo (Samidh), gets introduced and therefore the show goes on.

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