Ice Cream Bangla Full Movie HD Download

Ice Cream Bangla Full Movie Free HD Quality Download in mp4. Ice Cream Movie Review: Ice Cream is not any normal film and if you pay shut attention to the titles, the film is that the product of Ram Gopal Varma’s grand vision to form a ‘New Telugu Film Industry’.

Director: Redoan Rony
Writers: Redoan Rony, Redoan Rony
Stars: Nazifa Tushi, Kumar Uday, Sariful Razz

Whereas nobody is aware of what specifically it’s, it’s solely truthful to mention that RGV desires to drive home the purpose that you just will create a movie with none budget, significant duty instrumentation, skilled actors among many different things needed for a moving picture.

Ice Cream Full Movie HD Download

And with a frozen dessert, he has proved, yet again, that you just don’t would like a script either to form a heroic tale.

Ice Cream Full Movie Trailer

The film focuses on a bunch of children WHO area unit determined to prove that they’ll create a moving picture. So, they head to associate abandoned manufactory within the outskirts of town to form a brief film and right from the word go, they start to panic that one thing untoward may happen to them. And their worst nightmare so comes true.

RGV employs a no-holds-barred approach to extract worry from the protagonists and the majority the actors compared to each reflective the director’s vision and more matured to your nerves at the constant time.

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Dhanraj is terrific as a timid young man, WHO freaks out at the drop of a hat and number of others like Nandoo and Siddhu have done a fine job. JD Chakravarthy, WHO plays a thief, has very little to supply. RGV focuses a lot of on the photography associated sound effects to infuse a way of urgency into an otherwise lackadaisical story-telling technique.

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