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Gunturodu New Movie on High Quality is a link Download A man and lady meet in faculty and ar on their thanks to a time period of happiness once their plans get hijacked. A carefree man accidentally falls taken with with a lady whose father despises him.

Cast: Pragya Jaiswal, Srinivasa Rao Kota, Manoj Kumar Manchu.
Direction: S.K. Satya

Gunturodu Tamil Full Movie HD Download
Gunturodu (English: Guntur Resident) may be a 2017 Telugu action comedy film, created by Sree Varun Atluri on Claps & Whistles Entertainments banner and directed by S.K. Satya. leading Manchu Manoj, Pragya Jaiswal within the lead roles and music composed by DJ Vasanth.

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Kanna (Manch Manoj) could be a hyper-emotional tike of Guntur, WHO passes the time by hanging out with the cluster of friends. So, his father Suryanarayana (Rajendra Prasad) decides to form his wedding to line right him. Once in an exceedingly match, Kanna falls soft on with bride’s friend Amrutha (Pragya Jaiswal) thus he makes plenty of mess and cancels the engagement. when few funny incidents, he makes Amrutha additionally to fall in his love.
Seshu (Sampath Raj) a number one criminal professional person extremely ill-natured and self-involved person with the criminal mentality. One day, at a party, a pettifoggery arises and Kanna beats up Seshu as he asked Kanna and his friends to vacate the party. Since Kanna has cake cream glued on his face they do not acknowledge him. Seshu orders his men to seek out out and kill him at any value. Things become sophisticated day by day once Seshu starts targeting Kanna & his father Suryanarayana and therefore the scene become even a lot of chaotic once Kanna involves understand Amrutha is none aside from the sister of Seshu. remainder of the story is however Kanna escapes from Seshu’s target and succeeds in his love.
Gunturodu Full Movie HD Download

Gunturodu Full Movie Download Link

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