Gangster Bangla Full Movie HD Download

Gangster Bangli High Quality Movie decides to steer removed from his criminal past when he falls for Ria (Mimi), but his ex-boss (Bratya) and a few others have a different plan for him.Imagine Daniel Radcliffe as the Hulk or Leonardo DiCaprio as the Wolverine. The images don’t quite fit, right? Well, that is the actual feeling you get after you watch Yash Dasgupta taking part in a killer with a heart in mobster.

Cast: Bratya Basu, Mimi Chakraborty, Saurav Das.
Direction: Birsa Dasgupta

Gangster Full Movie HD Download
His chocolate boy appearance do not quite associate with his blood-smeared resume. Of course, had his screen temperament been that of a hedonist or a fun-loving guy with a killer streak, it might are bang on. But, somehow, the mental torment he’s shown to feel within the film does not quite associate with his full cheeks, whichever means his muscles ripple. That, of course, doesn’t suggest that Yash hasn’t performed well.

Gangster Bengali Movie HD Trailer

Moreover, the film fails to establish the backstory about how Turkey’s underworld managed to contract such acute Bengalitis. Every third gangster seems to be a Bengali. Even the cop who never even touches his gun, is a true blue Bong.
In the performance department, Bratya Basu takes high honours. His act of the pitiless ganglord is bang on, right from the kohl-lined eyes and sinister beard to his unflawed expressions. Mimi, too, shines because the effervescent humanitarian World Health Organization continuously carries a bottle of antiseptic lotion and cotton swabs in her purse. It’s once she turns a brand new leaf will her actions begin contradicting her character. there is worry on her face wherever there ought to be contented smiles. Another directorial miss? Guess thus. different characters, as well as Guru’s partner in crime (Saurav Das) and his scheming gang mate Chotu (Soumyajit Majumdar) have done justice to their roles.
The best half concerning the film is out and away it’s music. All tracks area unit nice to pay attention to and fortunately, seem at the proper points on the narrative. Arindam Chatterjee, great job.Go and watch mobster. After all, it isn’t all dangerous. But yes, do leave your bag of expectations reception to spare yourself the frustration.
Gangster Full Movie HD Download

Gangster Full Movie Download Link

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