Gangster 2016 Bangla Full Movie HD Download

Gangster Full Movie HD Quality Free Download in 2016. Gangster is a Bangal movie release on 2016. Now, You can download Gangster full movie in High quality on 720p from our site. The motion picture begins in modern world, on the day of Kabir and Ruhi.

Director: Birsa Dasgupta
Writer: Manish Sharma
Stars: Bratya Basu, Mimi Chakraborty, Saurav Das

Whereas Kabir outlets for his woman and is returning home, he’s shot by four cloaked gangsters. simply before break a fifth person shoots him.

He’s taken to hospital and a dismayed Ruhi arrives to ascertain him. The film then takes a flashback to however Kabir became Guru, the felon.

Gangster Full Movie HD Download

In a very jail years past, a young Kabir sits panic-stricken as associate older unfortunate person named Jamal comes and tells him to kill his cell mate to prove his value as a criminal.

Reciprocally he would be freed. Kabir will thus. Jamal tells him to figure with him and calls him ‘beta’. Kabir calls him ‘baba’. Jamal tells him that in the future he would rule and can be referred to as Guru.Few years later, Guru could be a illustrious felon of Jamal and works specifically what Jamal tells him. he’s invariably among his nighest friend Ghudi.

Gangster Full HD Movie Download

He’s ostensibly disturbed and desires to depart his business of being felon. In associate unwanted manner, he goes to kill Bishnu, one among their ex-members of gang. Guru , rather than killing him warns him to run away lest Jamal shall kill him.

Gangster Full Movie Trailer

Later Guru learns Jamal’s men have killed Bishnu. heartsick, he next goes to Tommy,a rabble and persuades him to share seventieth of business with Jamal. In a party, to celebrate this, Guru sees a conspiracy being engineered against him by Chhotu,Tommy,Jameson and few others. Later , Guru associated Ghudi drive at a degree wherever the conspirators lure them into an accident. The automotive of Guru is hit.

Guru comes out of automotive and fights with the remainder as a reasonably lady (Ruhi) comes amidst. Guru is attracted towards her and falls for her. Later they meet once more at the hospital wherever Guru pays a hefty quantity for expenses of a crook whom Ruhi delivered to hospital. Over time,Ruhi and Guru get along well.

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