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Dark Chocolate Full Movie Free High Quality Download on 720p. Dark Chocolate Movie Story: Everybody is aware of the story. High-profile influential person mother kills her female offspring. because the real-life story began to unfold last year, the globe lapped up the salacious and sleazy tale of Indrani and Peter Mukerjea’s involvement in killing Sheena.

Director: Agnidev Chatterjee
Writer: Agnidev Chatterjee
Stars: Mahima Chaudhry, Sudip Chatterjee, Riya Sen

Evidently, it’s challenging to craft a heroic tale once the suspense is open and out to the audience. That was the challenge for chocolate. And despite varied missteps, director Agnidev Chatterjee has done a decent job.

Dark Chocolate Full Movie HD Download

Dark Chocolate Movie Review: The film starts wherever the $64000 story started in mid-2015. A charred, mutilated and buried the dead body is found in the woods somewhere close to Mumbai.

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The commissioner gets an associate anonymous call with some a lot of leads and deploys 2 senior work officers Abhishek (Indrasish Roy) and Payel (Mumtaz Sorcar).

The couple arrests influential person Ishani Banerjee’s (Mahima Chaudhary) driver Ram Charan (Rajesh Sharma) in the associate bootleg arms-dealing case and he spills the beans regarding his employer’s commit to remove Reena (Riya Sen) – Ishani’s female offspring.

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Dark Chocolate Full HD Movie Download

Supported the driver’s confession, the cops arrest Ishani and within the investigation area, the film takes a detour to Ishani’s past (played by Riya again).

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