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Confidential Assignment 2017 Movie Free Download BluRay Revisiting the ofttimes tense relationship between national capital and national capital, director Kim Sung-hoon (My very little Hero) lightens things up slightly with Confidential Assignment, a comedic adventure story that includes mismatched cops engaging at cross-purposes on a underground case.

Cast: Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae-jin, Kim Joo-hyuk.
Direction: Kim Sung-hoon

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As chum movies go, it ne’er hits the heights of mirthfulness displayed by exemplars of the subgenre, however when a solid domestic gap, CJ Entertainment’s U.S. unharness should still prompt action fans to reply.After inept police officer Gang Jin-tae (Yoo Hai-jin, Tazza: The Hidden Card) screws up yet one more investigation, his boss somehow decides that he’s the most effective candidate for a high-level assignment with the federal administrative unit shadowing a North Korean operative visiting national capital with a high-level government delegation.

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Army captain Lim Cheol-ryeong (Hyun Bin, Late Autumn) has been allotted to trace down scoundrel officer Cha Gi-seong (Kim Joo-hyuck, Like for Likes), United Nations agency has fled to the South with the capital of North Korea government’s printing plates for manufacturing superior-quality counterfeit $100 bills. referred to as “superdollars” for his or her ability to avoid detection, the pretend currency may destabilize negotiation if copied back to the North Korean regime.

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Close-mouthed Lim, beneath strict orders to not give away his mission to recover the purloined superdollar plates, doesn’t tell Gang that Cha is his former commandant or that his superior dead Lim’s partner throughout the heist. Since Gang is tasked with discovering the aim of Lim’s investigation, he’ll somehow have to be compelled to inveigle the data out of his counterpart before Lim is needed to come to the North in mere 3 days’ time. The surprising interference of a Chinese triad boss making an attempt to get the plates from Cha is bound to complicate their investigation, if solely they’ll catch up with their elusive target 1st.
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