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A girl with a worry of clowns starts obtaining nightmares of a clown being within the house. The clown kills her dog and leaves a balloon with a date and time thereon. She finds out it wasn’t a dream and therefore the date on the balloon is once she goes to die. She has 2 days to work stuff out.

Cast: Brittany Belland, Monica Baker, Aaron Mirtes.
Direction: Aaron Mirtes

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This was a reasonably icky flick. the image and sound was spectacular however that was it. For one the clown wasn’t a ghost however in reality a diabolical clown. Clownorcist would’ve been additional fitting . The clown wasn’t shuddery watching all and he rapt sort of a pongid zombie. If you’ll be able to get past this you will have to trot out the story not creating a lot of sense. She is aware of what time she’s about to die however instead she keeps worrying regarding obtaining killed all the time. you retain yelling at the screen “you got an extra day he isn’t about to kill you yet?” and therefore the worst is we have a tendency to ar presupposed to be overstrung that she would possibly die.

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The violence is tame however there’s a lot of jump scares and even as several clich├ęs. perhaps it should’ve been Clichetergeist or sorry Clicheorcist. perhaps simply ignore this one altogether that’s clearly attempting to leap on the “It” train kind of like Circus Kane that simply came out.

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Emma, a school student with a disabling concern of clowns, should return face to face together with her worst concern once associate spirit within the body of a clown is summoned terrorizing the city she calls home.
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