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Boss 2 Full Movie Free HD Quality Download on 720p. Boss 2: Back to Rule Movie Review: The Story revolves around Surya(Jeet), a personage WHO is currently despised by the folks of Asian nation attributable to a comprehensible missing of their cash unbroken in Business bank, a bank designed by Hindu deity for his folks. Gopinath, Surya’s preferred minister was killed by AN unknown person attributable to varied enmities.

Movie Name: Boss 2 (Bengali Movie)
Release Date: 23rd Jun, 2017
Director: Baba Yadav
Cast & Crew: Jeet Madnani, Subhashree Ganguly, Nusrat Faria Mazhar.

Surya was forced to depart the Asian nation attributable to recurrent threats by the folks and also the police. He dressed as a Rock musician and sneaked into the capital of Bangladesh, Bangladesh, to appear for patrician Shahnawaz Hussain(Amit Hasan), WHO had earlier secure to gift an enormous total for his company, Hindu deity Industries.

Boss 2 Full Movie HD Download

But later he came to understand that he betrayed him and went off to Krung Thep, Thailand. In Dhaka, Aisha(Nusraat Faria) WHO was truly Shahnawaz’s girl helped Hindu deity to beat varied issues and are available to Krung Thep.

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In Bangkok, throughout AN action scene on the highest of Shahnawaz’s building, we have a tendency to return to understand that really Bidyut Shivalkar(Indraneil Sengupta), Gopinath’s son, WHO Hindu deity had believed to be his friend attributable to his huge contributions to his business, was the one WHO tricked Hindu deity by stealing all the money within the bank with a hope to become a rich person.

Boss 2 Full HD Movie Download

He is conjointly the person WHO killed his father by shooting attributable to the greed of property. The those that helped him were patrician Shahnawaz Hussain(Amit Hasan) and Avinash Burman(Kaushik Sen), another politician friend of Gopinath, with identical intention. Boss 2 Full Movie Download. Surya on the loose them by jumping down the building employing a rope.

Boss 2 Full HD Download

He is shortly ready to kill Shahnawaz with the assistance of Aisha, WHO hates her father for killing many folks together with her mother. He is also ready to poison Avinash to death whereas asleep, in spite of the large security. on the other hand, the plot turns around once Bidyut captures Aisha and Rusha(Subhasree Ganguly), Surya’s lover.

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But finally, in AN action scene, he’s ready to save each of them and gets hold of Bidyut. He conjointly, therefore, is in a position to acquire the lost cash.

Boss 2 HD quality Full Movie Free Download

Bidyut is shipped to jail and a victorious Hindu deity is yet again ready to bring happiness to his folks and criticizes them for losing their trust in him. Boss 2 Full Movie HD Download. nonetheless, the film ends on a contented note with Hindu deity having the ability to acquire the trust of the folks.

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