Bibaho Diaries Full Movie HD Quality Download

Bibaho Diaries Full Movie Free Download in Fully HD Quality. Bibaho Diaries is a latest Bangla movie release on 2017. Now, You can download Bibaho Diaries full movie in High quality on 720p from BDMusic25. Mainak Bhowmick could be a good movie maker.

Director: Mainak Bhaumik
Writer: Saurav Palodhi
Stars: Biswanath Basu, Ritwick Chakraborty, Sraman Chatterjee

He will perceive the temperament of the new generation frequently return up with recent concepts that leave us with a message and in an exceedingly screaming manner. His erstwhile work ‘me and my girlfriends’, ‘family album’ is sort of totally different in addition as subversive in their own ways in which.

Bibaho Diaries Full Movie HD Download

Bibhabo Diaries could be a modern analysis of a contemporary number of this era. Pratay(the outstanding Ritwick Chakraborty) fell hook ,line and sinker over Royona(a promising Sohini Srakar) and far against the needs of the 2 members of the family.

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Then starts all fiascos within the family of the newlyweds. each of them started fighting over trivial problems with everyday mundane life and romance looks to possess taken a backseat.

While Pratay could be a theatre actor/director, Royona could be a freelance artist, however, wedding and also the weird expectations takes its toll ANd Pratay should be part of an ad agency as an employee and his passion regarding theatre dwindles away.

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Bibaho Diaries Full HD Movie Download

Then sexual jealousy creeps in and also the sharp entrance of Pray’s childhood friend and his betrothed adds fuel to the fire! as a result of the couples immatureness and also the inability to wear down the age recent establishment makes matters worse! whether or not they can patch or estrange forms the crux of the story.

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