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Bhuban Majhi Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Bhuban Majhi Movie Review: A War is written in history in terms of numbers and dates and political leaders, and even the stories that set out of it square measure typically of valiancy and struggle and sacrifice.

Director: Fakhrul Arefeen Khan
Stars: Parambrata Chatterjee, Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed, Aporna Ghosh

Our Liberation War has been captured by several inventive endeavors across a spectrum of creative expressions – be it music, theatre, TV or film. the newest therein line – “Bhuban Majhi” – premiered on a weekday at the Star Cineplex, and releases nationwide these days. Here is that the 1st impression of the film, with none spoilers.

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The previous credits of Fakhrul Arefeen Khan, the writer-director of the film, square measure 3 documentaries: “Haq-er Ghar”, regarding the eviction of Lalon Shai’s followers from his shrine in Kushtia; “Al-Badar”,

Bhuban Majhi Full Movie Trailer

A documentary regarding collaborators of the Pakistani Army throughout the Liberation War; and “The Speech”, regarding Bangabandhu’s historic March seven address. And in a very method, during this film Arefeen brings all of that have and analysis full circle.

There square measure several things the film gets completely right. The scene setting of atiny low city in 1971 is completed impeccably and therefore the photography has varied moments of brilliance, particularly the low-light night shots.

Bhuban Majhi High Quality Full Movie Download

Parambrata is one in all the foremost bankable actors operating in Bangla-language cinema right away, and he sits into his character and drives the story. Aparna Ghosh, another centerpiece of the film, is steady in her role, as is Maznun Mizan in his supporting character.

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