Bhorer Pakhi Full Movie HD Download

Bhorer Pakhi Bengali HD Movie in 2017 Download The script, however, has nothing unaccustomed supply however the presentation is recent that makes it price a watch. associate age recent story of a lady from a troubled family falling into the incorrect track. Pakhi (Sreelekha), is smitten with Ashim (Amitabh), United Nations agency is unable to travel against his father’s desires to marry her.

Cast: Sreelekha, Rajatava, Amitabh.
Direction: Tapan Dutta

Bhorer Pakhi Full Movie HD Download
Paki’s house rent is due and she or he urgently tries to create each ends meet. Pakhi takes the simple solution associated becomes an escort. The story of her life unfolds as she spends an evening with associate author United Nations agency is all ears for the tragedy of her life.

Bhorer Pakhi Bengali Movie HD Trailer

Sreelekha will justice to her a part of Pakhi. She is that the object of lust for men of all ages and tries her best to ward them off. The fight scene within the film is kind of supererogatory and Amitabh is unable to tug it of. For an excellent actor like Rajatava, the director had precious very little to create him do. He fails to be over simply a beholder to Pakhi’s story. However, Raju (Amlan), Pakhi’s brother extremely will justice to his bit. His anxiety for not having the ability to try to to something for his family, his desperation to seek out employment and also the sheer helplessness is well-portrayed. administrators ought to be careful for this actor.
The script, however, has nothing new provide however the presentation is recent that makes it value a watch. The growing trend of seasoning massage parlours mushrooming within the town and giving services of the opposite kind, is explored by the film, however it might are exhausted a a lot of intelligent method.
Bhorer Pakhi Full Movie HD Download

Bhorer Pakhi Full Movie Download Link

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