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Bhalo Theko Bangla Full Movie HD Quality Download. Bhalo Theko Movie Review: When I initial began looking at Bhalo Theko, I liked it. I used to be in the mood for a slow, moody, beautifully-shot Bengali film with wonderful character development, that I pre-judged Bhalo Theko to plan reading it had won 3 national awards.

Director: Jakir Hossain Raju
Writers: Delwar Hossain Dil, Jakir Hossain Raju
Stars: Arifin Shuvo, Tanha Tasnia, Jacky Alamgir

However, somewhere once the 30-minute mark I began to lose interest. once I stuck it bent the top, i used to be confused. Huh? What was the purpose of this rambling movie? It stroke a chord in my memory lots of however I felt once I watched Chokher Bali.

Bhalo Theko Full Movie HD Download

Except even Chokher Bali had a central plot piece that tied the motion picture along. Bhalo Theko, on the opposite hand, didn’t very.

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The film starts out with AN extended shot of Buri (Vidya Balan) standing outside during a rainfall drenched and smiling from all the senses she is experiencing. Later, we tend to see a flashback of Buri as a baby lost during a busy carnival.

These flashbacks happen quite bit within the film, and once I whereas I got confused that scenes were within the gift day and that within the past. Then we start to know additional of Buri’s life and past- multiple relations World Health Organization died.

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Bhalo Theko Full HD Movie Download

Her beau World Health Organization left her… nevertheless, through all of this, she includes a quiet strength that keeps her going. I found it quite annoying, actually, as a result of I ne’er understood wherever her restrained Pollyanna-syndrome came from.

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