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Behen Hogi Teri Full Movie Free  Download, Lucknow’s knife Nautiyal aka Gattu (Rajkummar Rao) and Binny Arora’s (Shruti Haasan) house area unit right before of every alternative. Gatto describes his childhood love Binny as his ‘nikkar ke Zaman ki Mohabbat’ however the ‘problem’ is that they area unit neighbours and therefore the entire mohalla, as well as Gatto’s father, firmly believe that ‘mohalle ki Ladkin may be been hoti hai’ and thence they contemplate Gattu as Binny’s brother.

Director: Ajay Pannalal
Writers: Sanchit Gupta, Vinit Vyas
Stars: Rajkummar Rao, Shruti Haasan, Gautam Gulati

Binny bullies her admirers by ligature rather on their radiocarpal joint and turning them into her rather brothers. Gattu has with success managed to cover on the day of rather all his life simply to avoid obtaining a rather from Binny. He loves Binny however he terribly keeps and might ne’er muster the spirit to talk up. once he finally will that, Binny falls for him too.

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Meanwhile, Gatto’s father (Darshan Jariwala) spots Binny together with his friend Bhure (Herry Tangri) on his bike and considers it as his responsibility to instantly inform Binny’s elder brother Jaydev (Ninad Kamat) concerning Binny and Bhure’s affair. bother begins once Jaydev loses his cool and lands a decent apply Bhure’s face. Bhure’s family, UN agency area unit milk sellers seminal fluid criminals swear to require revenge of this insult and take it as a challenge to urge Binny married to Bhure.

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The script written by Vinit Vyas and Rajat Nonia is exclusive and recent. The idea of boys concealment on a rakhi day so as to avoid obtaining ‘rakhied’ by the women they admire, is extremely relatable. However, I feel it’s unremarkably practised by high school kids in our country.


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