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Bastu Shaap Full Movie Free High Quality Download. Bastu Shaap Movie Review: It becomes apparent that the social unit is in a very disarray. Years earlier, Arjun and his family met with an automobile accident, as a result of that Arjun has suffered a permanent injury to his leg, and Antara has lost her husband and her solely kid.

Director: Kaushik Ganguly
Writers: Kaushik Ganguly (screenplay), Kaushik Ganguly
Stars: Abir Chatterjee, Parambrata Chatterjee, Churni Ganguly

Upon Arjun’s recovery, he enraptured to Darjeeling, however, the family is unable to recuperate from their losses.

Arjun and Bonya become distant whereas Antara obsesses over Bonya’s son as a header mechanism for losing her own, that creates tension between Bonya and Antara. Timir and Kushal get to figure on their Vaastu Shastra modifications to the house.

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It is conjointly unconcealed in interleaved flashbacks that Kushal and Bonya had met earlier once Bonya’s family accident at the constant hospital, wherever Arjun and Kushal’s married woman were admitted. Kushal and Bonya developed a slow friendly relationship, and he gave her a ball, asking her to place it beside Arjun’s bed in hopes of dashing his recovery.

Bastu Shaap Full Movie HD Download

In the future, Bonya visits Kushal’s house and he or she sees a painting of Kushal’s palm painted by Kushal’s married woman, dubbed The Lotus. Arjun recovers from his coma presently once, however, Kushal’s married woman dies a constant day. Kushal leaves for his wife’s incineration whereas Bonya unable to seek out his moves on with Arjun.

Kushal sees The Lotus hanging on Bonya’s room wall. Bonya is agitated with Arjun not being interested in her, and also the 2 categorical their love for every alternative momentarily. Bonya asks Kushal to try and do everything in his power to revive Arjun back to her.

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Bastu Shaap Full HD Movie Download

The terribly next day Arjun challenges Kushal to a duel, with Timir serving as Kushal’s champion. once reaching a stalemate, Arjun decides to settle the duel on a sudden death — Bonya would volunteer with a bottle on her head because of the target for the shooters.

Timir, realizing Kushal’s love and worry for Bonya’s safety deliberately loses the duel. Later that night Arjun showing bad manners asks Kushal and Timir to go away his house succeeding morning once grouping their fees.

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