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Ami Je Ke Tomar Movie Review: These 2 bloopers apart, the treatment of the film is, thankfully, not extraordinary. Ami Je Ke Tomar Full Movie High-Quality Download, We’re therefore jaded of that when sitting through umpteen ultra-loud south remakes! in truth, most a part of Ami Je Ke Tomar (sounds hauntingly kind of like Hum Apke Hain Kaun, doesn’t it?) bears an uncanny likeness to the initial, as well as the gap song-and-dance sequence and Ankush’s outfits and his facial fuzz towards the top. And yes, the songs may are simply recorded in the Republic of India. It’s quite upsetting to visualize the characters disbursement a fortune on transportation and visas simply to travel and dance in Europe!


Director: Rabi Kinagi
Stars: Sayantika Banerjee, Ankush Hazra, Nusrat Jahan

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Their ar times once a remake will bite Associate in Nursing emotional chord despite obvious disregard for cultural and geographical variations between geographical area and therefore the film’s place of origin. Ami Je Ke Tomar is robust proof of that.
It’s very a decent watch; Associate in Nursing emotional one, rather. It’s one amongst those films that tend to the touch your romantic nerve and keep you affixed to your seat until the top. Hats off to the script for that (the original, I mean). Despite being an instance playboy-meets-good lady story, Ami Je… comes with a twist that creates it special, and touching.

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The trio of Nusrat, Ankush and Sayantika have managed to measure up to their bits quite well. Sayantika has done a very smart job of enjoying the matter-of-fact Prachi, particularly once it involves scenes wherever she must categorical (or rather, hide) her emotional turmoil on seeing her love, Aditya, falling for Esha. Ankush and Nusrat, too, show smart chemistry and manage to urge their expressions bang on during this drama involving intense emotions.

But on the draw back, this official remake of the Sanskritic language film, Mitwaa, retains quite a few obvious Maharashtrian components. For one, the predominant divinity within the film is Shirdi Sai cake. With all due respect, what number Bengalis visit a Shirdi Sai cake temple each morning and wherever specifically in Kolkata is such an outsized temple of the saint? Then there’s this geographical confusion — Aditya’s resort is outwardly in Kolkata, as a result of he ne’er mentions Digha, tho’ he plans to open a branch in Mandarmoni. however, he keeps walking bent a beach, returns smart or dangerous times. Anyone out there who’s seen an ocean beach around town?

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