Akhil-The Power of Jua Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

Akhil-The Power Of Jua is 2015 Telugu fantasy drama film directed by V. V. Vinayak. The film, produced jointly by actor Nithin and his father Sudhakar Reddy on Sresht Movies banner, features Akkineni Akhil and Sayesha Saigal in their debut Telugu cinema. Anup Rubens and S. Thaman composed the film’s songs while veteran music director Mani Sharma composed the background score. The film’s story was written by Veligonda Srinivas and Kona Venkat wrote the film’s dialogues. Production began on 17 December 2014 and the film released on 11 November 2015.

Cast: Akhil Akkineni, Sayesha Saigal, Rajendra Prasad.
Direction: V. V. Vinayak

Akhil-The Power of Jua Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Download
The story begins at thousands of years ago with a voice narrating how the Earth would face destruction in future due to the powerful UV rays of the Sun.Few Saints in India foresee this destruction,make a sphere with most powerful and strong metals which possess an immense power that absorbs the harmful UV rays hence it protects the Earth.

Akhil-The Power of Jua Hindi Dubbed Movie HD Trailer

After reaching Africa, at airport a church father asks Akhil to hold his bible, cross and white coat while he goes to the restroom. Johnson and Johnson (Brahmanandam), a cab driver who came there to pick up the Priest mistakes Akhil as the Priest and drives him in his car. Akhil asks him to drive to Congolia, Johnson resists to take him there as it is a dangerous place but due to Akhil’s insistence takes him to the Place. Akhil along with Kishore and Johnson reach Mambo’s place and fights with his men and takes Mambo’s brother while holding him hostage rescues Divya, who still hates him.
In the meantime Divya’s father comes to rescue her from Mambo but gets trapped there. Mambo calls Divya and warns her if they don’t return to his place he will kill her father. They all return to Mambo’s place to rescue Divya’s father. Mambo asks Divya about where was Jua kept, she misguides him telling the wrong place. Mambo after reaching the place finds out he was fooled by Divya and goes back to her. By then they all manage to escape and hide in a forest where Akhil fights with a tiger to save Divya which makes Divya forgive him and her father likes and accepts him as his son-in-law.The next day they go to Congolia village where the African tribe guarding the Jua live. At the same time Russian don and Mambo with his men reach there and shoots Akhil but a young man of the tribe guards him by giving his’ life.
Akhil-The Power of Jua Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Download

Akhil-The Power of Jua Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download Link

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