Abhimaan (2016) Bangla Full Movie HD Download

Abhimaan Full Movie Free Download HD Quality in 2016. Oviman is a latest Indian Bangla (Kolkata) movie release on 2016. Now, You can download Abhimaan full movie in High quality on 720p from bdmusic site. Abhimaan may be a fancy feeling and in high doses it will persuade be damaging.

Directed by: Raj Chakraborty
Starring: Jeet, Subhasree Ganguly, Sayantika Banerjee

Director dominion Chakraborty uses this feeling to the scoop and creates an interesting film replete with comedy action, and comedy.

Abhimaan Full Movie HD Download

Abhimaan is that the story of a proud business top executive Ashok adult female Burman (Sabyasachi Chakraborty) and his unloved girl Madhuja (Anjana Basu).

Abhimaan Full Movie Trailer

Madhuja harbors abhimaan for her father — WHO unacknowledged her when making an attempt to kill her husband. Twenty 5 years have currently passed.

Mellowed with age, Ashok currently needs to fix his relationship with Madhuja. For this, he seeks the assistance of his grandchild, Aditya, contend with poise by Jeet.

Abhimaan Full HD Movie Download

While the plot is inevitable, we have a tendency to should praise Raj’s impeccable execution as he manages to extract wonderful performances from his forge. Jeet fits effortlessly into the role of a chic and swashbuckling businessperson for whom family invariably comes initial. Sabyasachi has delivered another nice performance.

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Abhimaan Full HD Download

Kharaj and Kanchan Mullick bring simply the proper quantity of comic relief, albeit a little OTT, to the comedy. however, it’s Anjana, the adamant girl, WHO steals the show.

Together with her restrained and nuanced performance, she carries the film on her shoulders. It’s onerous to miss those chunky statement finger rings that typically distract you from the proceedings.

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