A Scandall Full Movie Free Download

A Scandall Full Movie Free Download .A Scandall Movie Review:The youngsters install cameras in the couple’s house to capture evidence for paranormal activities but end up discovering Manav’s ambiguous behaviour instead. More skeletons stumble out of the closet in due course that unnerve Koya.A Scandall Full Movie HD Download

Director: Ishaan Trivedi
Writer: Ishaan Trivedi
Stars: Johnny Baweja, Reeth Mazumder, Manav Kaul

What’s her hidden deal with Manav?On paper, the psychological thriller seems promising. It keeps you guessing if the characters are actually victims or sinners with ulterior motives. The anticipation of truth and a mysterious backstory keeps you hooked.
A Scandall Full Movie Free Download

What spoils the party is the loud, shoddy and incoherent execution. The forced love triangle replete with inconsequential kissing scenes and steamy songs is unnecessary.

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A Scandall Full Movie Download in HD
The film tries to bite off more than it can chew. Death, depression, incest, sex, possession, too many issues are put together.

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